What are the Causes of Stress and How to Deal with It?

627379-b4bd176e-07da-11e3-842c-e58b8b7bc9c3Regardless of age, gender, preferences, status, etc. stress affects everyone. It is unchangeable. It is always there to challenge and making us down every day. Stress walks all over us and stays there unless we take a step of a breakthrough from it.
Stress is a sign that our body is responding to something in a positive and negative way but mostly negative. When we are under stress, our brain will release chemicals in the blood that will increase one’s energy and strength. That is why when you are under stress or caught in danger, you will immediately feel the sudden energy to escape from the physical danger, which is a good thing. However, what about the other side of stress that will affect you in a negative way? Below are the causes of stress that you need to understand to get to know more about how stress works.
The reason why you are experiencing stress is because you are facing threat such as physical threats, social threats, financial threat and the like. These kinds of threats can make people feel that they are not able to control things and thus it made them feel stress.
Stress and fear are not something uncommon. They are usually associated with one another in so many ways. Threat can lead to fear and fear can cause stress. When have fear, you will start to assume and imagine things that are not there in the first place. This thing is called overthinking and it is the real source of stress.
Most people who have a lot of doubts are usually the ones that are full of stress. Self-doubt or having the feeling of uncertainty can lead to the feeling of not being in control. These kinds of people are usually the ones that often predict things and eventually end up having fear and stress.
Intellectual disagreement happens when what we do does not go along with what we think, thus creates the feeling of stress. For example, you are one of the most intelligent students in school and yet you failed your final test, you are experiencing a dissension and stress. Mental disagreement often occurs when we cannot meet our own expectations and promises, thus we perceive it as a threat to ourselves and become stress about it.
If stress is not treated as soon as possible, it can lead to depression and affect your physical health such as fatigue, back pain, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, relationship failures, upset stomach, stiff neck, lock jaw, shortness of breath, and weigh gain or loss. If you noticed some signs and symptoms of stress, learn to know the real cause behind it and deal with it in a proper way. I have prepared some ideas to help you de-stress and handling it in better ways.
Pinpoint the stressor in your life.
This should be your first step in taking action toward your stress problem. Identify the real problem. Is it because of your recent clash with your boss? A huge fight with your family member, upcoming thesis defense or a messy house with tons of laundry you need to attend to. When you figured the stressor, you can immediately take action and start organizing them.
Only work on what you can control.
The reason behind people’s stress is because they can’t control the things they wanted to. You can’t control the behavior of other people, you can’t control what happened in the past, you can’t control what other people say about you and much more, but you can control how you respond to such things. Do not try to control everything because by doing so you will just end up twice as stress than you were in the first place. Only work on what you can control and focus on it.
Focus on doing what you love.
As the saying goes, “where you heart is, there your treasure will be”. I believe that whoever wrote this quote is real and it was based on his or her experience. In the past, I have landed on a job that I do not love, for two and half years! I was not doing my work properly and spent every single day feeling stressed and depressed. That is why I pursue doing what I love although it doesn’t make me a multibillion-dollar man, I still think this is what I love and I am enjoying every bit of it.
Get rid of the “people-pleaser” attitude.
Stress has its own pattern and it is usually caused by unnecessary things like being a people-pleaser. People-pleasing attitude can increase the levels of anxiety and thus create stress. It is like spending extra energy on something that does not even pay value to your life. If you observe productive people, they have set boundaries and time and not waste it on petty things.
Accept your mistakes and not mask in perfectionism.
Some people adore perfectionism but for me, I would rather not drown in it. Perfectionism is another way that creates stress. It is infuriating and can cause anxiety. Do not be too hard on yourself by putting too much pressure. We are all human and we are susceptible to mistakes, forgetfulness and the like. Do not be misunderstood by “striving your best” with being a perfectionist, these are two different things. Perfectionism is never about healthy self-growth or self-improvement it is more about competition, success, and achievements but often leads to depression, anxiety, addiction and emotional problems.
Be extra careful when you notice yourself going toward the stress path. As much as possible, reduce stress your own way and help others too! Stress is a matter of perception and it is curable when you know how to handle it. Take time to ponder and reflect the reality of life. If you starting to feel stress out take a deep breath and exhale, be grateful for life and who you are. It can help you de-stress!