Improving Your Mind in These Simple Tips

struggle_of_mental_healthMany times in my life I tend to forgot things such as not remembering someone’s name while talking to them, can’t remember why I went to the kitchen, forgetting an important appointment at work and much more. I am not getting any younger and this problem has become my frustration and I fear that it will affect me as I get older. I know that memory loss happens to anyone at any age but things get worst if you are a bit older. I believe we all are experienced the same dilemma and we also know that it does not have a cure. Due to this, I have come up with ideas on how to prevent this from happening as early than it should be.
Memory loss occurs because neurons in the brain died or stop functioning little by little and were lost forever. Experts believe that the neurotransmitter dopamine can create the formation of new neurons in the brains of adults. This dopamine neuron is related to high brain function and is said to be the fundamental of mature wisdom.
However, with this new finding from scientists, we cannot deny the fact that our brain changes as we age. Since we are born up until the present time, our brain decreases little by little in volume and weight. As a matter of fact, people between the ages of 20 to 90 loss 5 to 10% of their brain’s weight. Surprising, isn’t it? Nevertheless, we also need to look at our lifestyle because it is the biggest factor of how our brain performs. Like for example, people who smoke or those who have diabetes speed up brain shrinkage. Lack of healthy diet, exercise, and another unhealthy lifestyle can cause the changes in the brain, too!
With that being said, it is important to know the preventive measures to improve our brain function in these simple tips below:
Challenge and exercise your brain.
Challenge your brain by doing something out of your usual routine. In my case, I am a right-handed person but I brush my teeth using my left hand every morning. This is something unusual for my brain and it definitely challenges my brain’s ability. Solve some puzzles and brainteasers, play chess, read books, and do other activity the opposite from your daily routine.
Get physical.
Maybe you are thinking how physical activity can link with the brain. Getting physically active allows your blood to pump and enables the blood circulates around the whole body, this includes the brain. Getting enough oxygen into the brain is great since blood carries oxygen and it will improve your cognitive skills. Mix up your exercises, running, walking, hiking, swimming or do other activities such as yoga, dancing or martial arts. The bottom line is to get your body moving for it is good for your brain and it keeps you alert as well.
Feed your brain.
The good news is that there are particular foods that are good for the brain. A healthy diet can improve our health especially the brain. Make sure to eat foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. These foods are proven to decrease the risk of dementia and enhance the brain’s ability to memorize.
Connect with people socially.
I hope this is not only happening in social media platform but also in real world. Communicate and connecting with real people helps stimulate the brain and keep your mind sharp, according to a recent study issued in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. The study also showed that elderly who were not active in socializing were more likely to have cognitive limitation than those who elderly who socialized.
Be grateful.
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get but whatever may come your way it is important to always be grateful of what lies ahead. Whether it be failure or success, being grateful is the key to having a healthy mind. Try joining your local volunteering center, you will be surprised at how it can help you de-stress and increase your brain’s alertness. Make a change and be grateful.
I have known some people who, despite their old age, are sharp and fit! These are the kind of people that you can learn from. They are full of wisdom and life a healthy lifestyle as well. I just wish that when I reached my 70s, I can still remember where I put my dentures! Although life is a constant battle and struggle, I believe that if we treat our body and mind well it will pay back to us a healthy body and mind. Avoid feeling negative and depress, it will only worsen your brain’s ability and function. Think positive and it will help you become smarter and creative.