How to Have a Stronger and Sharper Mind

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About me

Hey there! I am Stefan Fuhrmann, the owner of a local gym here in Germany. I am also a full time trainer. If you happen to be around Germany and wish to hit the gym, don’t be hesitated to beep me up. I have been a trainer for over nine years now and I would not want to trade anything with this work.
Few years back, I managed to cut down around 95 pounds and man! It is not as easy as it seems. Since then I always remember what I have been though before attempting to indulge a beer or donuts because for me it’s not worth my hard work.
Many people encouraged me to start up a blog because they believe that through my dedication and passion in healthy living, I can help others to have more positive outlook in life when it comes to staying healthy. And so, I did! Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to comment or ask questions, I’d love to reply all your inquiries. Stay positive!